Welcome to the 2012-2013 ‘Time of Awakening’.

All is unfolding in accord with the Prophecies of our Ancient Ancestors.

We have much to do on our individual Spirit Paths to the Ascension which is our Spirit Legacy!

My path is to acquaint as many souls as I can with the Atlantean/Lemurian Testimony of Edgar Cayce, the Revelations of the Crystal Skulls & the Wisdom of the Ancient Maya and their Sacred Calendar now heading for ‘Reset’ at the Cusp of 2012-2013.

Please check the contents herein for information on Presentations that I/We do, Events that I/We participate in, and Mayan Calendar Readings that I perform to facilitate the Manifestation of Spirit Truth in the midst of the dazzling Incarnate Realm. 

E-mail:  raymontarpey@yahoo.com (no “d” after raymon)

In Gratitude,

Raymond Tarpey

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