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Raymond provides ‘Mayan Calendar Readings in the Mayan Daykeeper Tradition:
$85.00/hr  503-697-8341, Cel: 503-998-1760 e-mail: raymontarpey@yahoo.com, nobtarpey@gmail.com

December 12-17, 2012, Miami, FL & Cruise : Raymond’s Presentation Topics: 1. The Ancient Maya-China-Mu Connection” and 2. “The Crystal Skulls of the Maya, Mu and Atlantis. 3.” Edgar Cayce & and the Mayan Calendar 2012 Prophecies”

 “12-12-12 Miami Circle The Crystal Skulls Return to Atlantis Event” 



Don’t Miss This 12 12 12 Feature Article:


Please see “Raymond’s Article” section.

December 21st, 2012  for One Hour slot that begins at 4 PM to 5 PM PST
Kenetic HiFi Community Radio http://www.Kinetichifi.com, Bob Charles Show
Topic: Crystal Skulls

The Mayan Calendar and the Mayan Daykeeper Tradition & Practice

The Mayan Calendar has 2 main components:
The Long Count Calendar (Haab) which is an instrument designed to provide the human beings with a reference for noting and interpreting the Cycles of Time, and the Sacred Calendar (Tzolk’in) designed to enable human beings to see further into the things subtle concerning their lives in this Creation.
During this session, Raymond will share his knowledge and experience on the following topics:
*The Significance of the 5,125-year ‘Long Count Calendar Cycle’ which will reset on 12/21/12.
*The Design of the ‘Sacred Calendar’ used by Mayan Daykeepers to advise and counsel clients.
*The research and uniquely American wisdom behind the 13 Numbers, 20 Day Signs, and other key
aspects of the Sacred Tzolk’in Calendar.


2 Responses to “Upcoming Events”

  1. renrodx4@gmail.com Says:

    Hello Raymond – Cool site. My first visit. Thank You for your and Nobie’s visit to the Circle of Friends past Tuesdays ago. We are in Abates’s garage now. Much better. No stairs, lots of chairs, loose your cares. Hope to see you there again. Thanks for all you do. Regards to Nobie, the organizer. :O) John Dorner

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